Chianciano International Art Award 2012

Collateral Events 2012

The museum is pleased to invite participating artists, guests and the public to the collateral events. Free invitations should be picked up from the front desk of the museum.

Saturday 15th of September

5pm - Inauguration

Parade of the Band "Bonaventura Somma" from Piazza Italia, from the Central Square of Chianciano Terme to the Museum.

Inauguration of the Exhibition. Cocktail party in honour of the participants.

Sunday 16th of September

5pm - Flag-Throwers of San Quirico d'Orcia

Parade in honour of the Chianciano International Art Award 2010

Monday 17th of September

5pm - 7pm - Question time with Roberto Gagliardi and Lonnie Schlein

"What do you want to know from an expert with over 35 years of
experience in promoting art and an expert with 35 years as photo editor at the NY Times"

9.30pm - Musical night at the Cafe Continentale, Piazza Italia

Tuesday 18th of September

5pm - Conference by Lonnie Schlein

"What 35 years at the New York Times has taught me about art"

9.30pm - Musical Concert in the Museum

Duo Agua

Flute - Francesca Menchini
Guitar - Antonio Ruvo

Followed by a cocktail party

Wednesday 19th of September

5pm - Conference by the Gagliardi Gallery in London:

"Internet and Art; an artist's friend or foe?

How can the internet create a barrier between artists and galleries.

9.30pm - Charity Auction

Followed by a deadly museum cocktail.

Thursday 20th of September

5pm - Conference by art critic, Luciano Lepri:

"How does a critic judge art?"

9.30pm - Prosecco and panettone under the snow
On the terrace of the Museum. Special effects for an early Christmas in Tuscany. Careful not to slip.

Friday 21st of September

9.30pm - "Le Grand Gateau" soirèe - selection of cakes and regional delicacies in honour of the artists

Saturday 22nd of September

4pm - Prize Giving Ceremony

5pm - Exhibition closed to the public